Shifty Shane

You wouldn't give your address
to this shifty guy on the train.

So why would you do it online?

Stop Shifty Now!

I just need a bit of info.
Usual stuff, nothing spesh…


Challenge Shifty Shane

You’re on a family holiday and you want to make your friends green with envy.
How might you let them know how awesome it is?

Pick what you think is OK.


Nice Work!

The correct answer is number 1.

A check-in or a selfie, combined with GPS tracking, could be an invitation for creeps to check out your house while you’re away.

A whopping 52% of teens share their precise location via their GPS location tracking within photos and check-ins.

So turn GPS location tracking off or enable it ONLY for selected apps.

Stop Him in
His Tracks

Great! I've got no idea where you are now! How can I track you if you turn off your phone's GPS?

Guess I'll just have to
hit some other place instead. There are plenty
of teens who aren't as smart as you.

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Thanks for the info, you might as well have left
the front door wide open for me.


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