Scammer Steve

You wouldn’t hand this crusty creep your personal details on the street.

So why would you do it online?

Stop the
Scammer Now!

Ha, Ha, Ha, I'll soon know everything about you.


Challenge Scammer Steve

How much info do you think would be okay to share over social networks?

Pick what you think is OK.


Nice Work!

Correct answer is number 1 and 2.
Definitely not 3, 4 and 5.

The trouble is, scammers and cyberthieves connect small pieces of info, which when used together – like name and date of birth - can let them pose as you online.

Post basic deets only!

the Creep

Busted! You seem to be a savvy social sharer.

Lucky for me, there's plenty more of you who aren't so switched on and think it's safe to post personal info online.

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Are You Serious?

Try Again?

Whoa, just like taking
candy from a baby.

You're an easy target,
I like your type.


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