Gossip Gabby

You wouldn’t share secrets
with this motormouth at
your sleepovers.

So why would you do it
on the web?

Stop the
Gossip Now!

Like, seriously… you won't believe what I just heard…


Challenge Gossip Gabby

You just overheard a juicy piece of goss about the new girl? You immediately:

Pick what you think is OK.


Nice Work!

Correct answer is number 4.

Bullying and harassing people online is never OK – it doesn’t matter if you post it onto your own profile or sneakily send it to another page to share.

Remember what you post online lasts forever! People form lasting opinions of you based on what you post and share online. So think before you hit send.

Mute the

I hate your kind, you leave me nothing to gossip about and I just luuuv gossip.

Guess I'll have to poke my nose in elsewhere.

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Like who cares if it's not true? It's just so freakin' awesome!


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