Creepy Crackers

You wouldn’t take your clothes
off in front of this weirdo.

So why do it online?

Stop the
Creep Now!

I’ve got hundreds of pics, wanna see some?


Challenge Creepy Crackers

You just took a smokin’ hot selfie.
How would you most likely share it?

Pick what you think is OK.


Nice Work!

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 could lead
to your image ending up in this
creep's collection.

You can’t even be sure who can view your best friend’s profile
or how they might share your
text message.

Think twice about anything you wouldn’t want strangers to see.

It’s not a contest to see who can
get the most likes.

This Clown!

You just don’t know where that selfie might end up,
or for how long it’s gonna be around.

You know that if your bestie’s profile is public,
it’s like sharing your photo with 50,000 people?

That's why it's called the net, 'cos it's full of holes.

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Are You Serious?

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Niice… Another hot selfie
for my collection…


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