Bully Girl

You wouldn’t let her say nasty
things to you at school.

So why let her get away with
it online?

Stop the
Bully Now!

Schools out! But I'll be
on your case 24/7.


Challenge Bully Girl

If you felt you were getting bullied online, what would be the best thing to do?

Pick what you think is OK.


Nice Work!

Numbers 1, 3 and 4 are best.

Trolls and bullies want a reaction so
the best thing to do is stay
out of it.

If you write something mean back they can take a screen shot and now you’re in trouble too.

Grab some evidence and tell
an adult.

Social media sites have block and report functions. Stop the bully in their tracks; unfriend, report and BLOCK!

the Bully

Busted! You know how to keep your cool around bullies.

Lucky for me there are plenty more teens out there who aren’t as cool under pressure.

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My kinda victim… Now I’ve got you. I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow, count on it.


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